So, get down to business and proceed to The Start page.
It is where you should begin learning more about how to succeed online.
There are two things we hate at True Cash.  One is the get rich quick schemers.  If a get rich scheme is what you’re looking for you should leave now, and look somewhere else.  As this is an actual business system that utilizes the timeless principles of business and marketing and leverages them to your advantage.  The second on our list is the infamous gurus who charge big bucks for their "secrets" on how to get rich.  And all people learn is how the internet is filed with pyramid schemes, con artists, grossly overpriced goods, or schemes that only work for those at the top of the wave or they end up paying for a million hours of information that is useless or can't be applied.
  We here at True Cash do not believe in the get rich quick mentality.  We offer you an idea, to make money and we offer it free of charge.  If you read on you will realize how it can jump start your cash flow or current website.
This system has a lot of information content and “how to” knowledge built into it, there was a lot of time and effort put into getting this system in place.  However some “guru’s” would sell such information and how to knowledge for money, we here at True Cash offer you the keys to our system for free!  Why? 

We are all about a second set stream of income for you and your life.  People sell you information on how to get rich, and all you learn is how they sold information to you on how to get rich...   and got rich!  That's why we offer it all for free. 
By initially showing you the entirety of our system, we think we are being up front and honest!
We offer you a business model, that if you DO and follow, will generate you income!  Once again, we use this system ourselves and have seen it work for others,  it can work for you too!  This site also has our Special Report and Risk section where we take on the challenges for you and give all the help, insight, tips, and extras you need. You should know that you can also always contact usWe are just that committed to your success.  
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Because people get rich off telling you how to get rich
We Don't.
Here we have an actual system that is made to use, there are actual commodities being bought and sold here.  Internet web hosting, traffic and lead generation, marketing tools and software, business opportunities and income generating programs.  We have put it all together into a step by step business system that is set to work for you, that just happens to be synergetic, exponentially growing and designed to make you money.  In the bricks and motor world we could even call True Cash a franchise.  Mc Donald’s has the hamburger down to a science, we have making money down to an art.
This site has been designed to show you our system in the simplest way.  You can get down to business with 'The Start' page giving you necessary knowledge, get some step by step guidance from 'The System' page, use 'The Risks' section to help you overcome any challenges you may face and of course you can 'Contact Us' at any time for further guidance, detailed instruction, or praise.  The 'Make Money' section will feature a new program from time to time, and of course you can always purchase our 'Special Report' for $37.00 to help you solidify success.
Make It happen Today!  Without a commitment to change your life style nothing can happen.  We invite you to use our system, for free or a small fee.  So long as you commit to changing your life and financial future, somewhere deep inside we are satisfied.
Real Results, Real Income,
Real Freedom... At last!
True Cash
Welcome to...
The Set Up: Simpology
The Ultimate Home Based Business system Designed to increase your income, Created to allow any one success, Engineered to work, Offered to you free of charge, and Allowing you to generate multiple streams of Income Online.
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Get extra free knowledge, tips, info and insight.  We send out updates, new programs, free reports and case studies.
Welcome to a site that could change your life and financial future, if you allow it to.  An evolution in financial freedom, this website not only shows you, but allows you to set up your very own money making home based business system designed to generate cash for your life and bank account 24/7.  Now we will be honest, it's not exactly a cake walk, but then again nothing in life worth doing ever is.  With 7 Simple steps this system has been created to give any one and every one the time and true financial freedom to enjoy success and life’s pleasures.

So what exactly is this system?  It's a freedom machine; we will break it down for you.  If you want to make money online, legitimately, there are a few well known and not so well known sources.
These sources include paid surveys, selling on eBay and Amazon, using Google's Pay Per Click engine to advance affiliate campaigns and more.  You can work with Multi-Level Marketing giants to travel the globe.  Not to forget you will learn to profit off the growth of the internet itself.  Then, we will show you how to take your earnings and invest online for long term profits.  Thus, you will be running your own multiple income stream internet empire.  Welcome to True Cash.
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There is nothing secret about True Cash, there is nothing complicated about True Cash, there is nothing expensive about True Cash.  It stands as a temple to simplicity and hard work. 
Paid Purveys are labor intensive and doable for everyone.  They are useful for universities, companies and governments who are looking to learn about their various endeavors and audiences.  We will show you how to easily begin profiting with this revenue stream.  There are literally hundreds of companies out there waiting for you to work with them.  The problem is that you have to sign up with these companies and it takes a long time, so simply download Robo Form and get involved with these companies and research groups!  Congratulations, you can now add a second simple stream of revenue to your life with daily dollars.  Lean how to connect with great paid survey companies and do so quickly.  Next, one can explore the world of online selling via eBay and Amazon like it is Black Friday.

To make money online one can always tap into the Goliaths eBay and Amazon.  Selling can be so cheap and so simple.  You don’t need a storefront, to pay rent or higher workers.  You’re the master of your own domain!  Simply get involved with our Drop Shipping companies and procure products to sell online.  No, you need not risk it by buying the products at all!  You simply push the product to market.  Create and forward an ad; a worth while practice considering your risks are limited to the $2 cost of the ad on eBay!  Amazon works slightly differently but do intend to pay a 10% fee with both.  So get your goods and forward them to market!  It is simple, it is inexpensive and you can keep doing it, over and over.  Then prepare to team up with the internet’s overlord  Google. 
Google, along with many other companies have developed a Pay Per Click platform, designed to attract you traffic for a set price per click (as the name suggests).  So, simply log on to Click Bank, Offer Vault, or Link share and find one of the many programs that strikes your fancy.  You can then become an affiliate and make a profitable referral fee.  We will also show you other great ways to profit with your programs.  But how much to spend?  You simply take your commission $ sales value, and times it by your expected conversion rate (as a decimal percent ~1-2%) giving you a dollar value per click.  Bid under and you are making money.  We will not only show you how much to bid but how to optimize and expand your campaigns.  Create a daily routine and it will profit you.

Then, you can team up with the heavy hitters of the internet world.  MLM companies.  MLM means Multi-Level Marketing and includes large networks and large commissions.  You will learn to live an active lifestyle and connect with likeminded individuals.  We currently team up with three MLM companies: our favorite is GDI or Global Domains international.  They give you a web site for $10 a month and redistribute half to GDI affiliates per month at $1 a month per referral through 5 levels of referrals.  So, refer 5 who refer five and earn $3,905 from the growth of the web all with GDI.  For more see our Disclaimer.  Plus, you can use our secret Health Program to earn.  Did you know algae is the best source of food for you?  We can connect you with a source.   

As you can see the internet offers many opportunities for today’s entrepreneurs.  You can easily and effectively add a second reasonable income for yourself and family.  Unlike many gurus out there we will show you how it’s done freely on this site.  However, like any business making money online requires investment, an investment of capital, and an investment of time.  This time will give you the knowledge necessary to generate income with your capital.  A small investment can grow tall.  We are here for one and all.  You can learn it all, step by step, from the True Cash 7 Streams of Internet Income Special Report.  We will show you how to maximize your streams of revenue and even start with little out of pocket.  Check out the next page; The Start, and get down to business, or read on to see The System.   

This whole system was put together for you.  Its initial ideals may have sparked your honest interest in the online world.  If so, be prepared to upgrade and become a True Cash Member with our 7 Streams of Internet Income Special Report to solidify success for you in the online world. 
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